Full Speed Ahead

So I left off with my husband’s 1st day <6hrs> of fucking, sucking, and kissing his new girl. I find the more he’s with her the more I crave for him to dominate me again. We’ve dabbled off and on in the BDSM world and I do enjoy a lot of aspects of being his sub but I just suck at it. I’m a brat and he says I top from the bottom and I do not really enjoy pain. BUT I am finding that I am feeling more and more submissive.

The entire weekend I was HORNY and excited from him 1st time with M and we fucked non-stop. The whole weekend was with anticipation of what would happen Monday. Would this be a onetime thing or will they hook up again. When I am this turned on my mouth starts writing checks I am not be ready to cash. I told him to try to get with her again but this time bring her home and fuck her in our bed while I was at work. He works very early and is home by 12:30 and so does his girl.

So he sent me a text Monday morning that yes she will be coming over after work and he was going to fuck his new toy in my bed. Now let me also say the night before I cleaned our house with the idea of him bringing her home. I rather enjoyed getting the house ready for him and M.

Monday morning when he said it was on I made up our bed (I NEVER make the bed) and sent him a picture to let him know I got it ready for him and his girl. I went to work WRECKED. I just can’t explain in words how intense all these emotions are and then mix in a soaking wet, hot, throbbing pussy and you have a mess of a girl!

I watched the clock and just imagined what they were doing and how much he must be enjoying himself. I couldn’t get it out of my head that he was fucking this girl in our bed!!! I just couldn’t believe this was really happening. It’s been just a fantasy for SO long that now that he actually has a girl who WANTS him and they have SO many opportunities to fuck without spouses or kids that it still seems surreal.

He sent me a picture of our bed with the pillows and sheets all in a mess and he said this is how our bed looked after he was done fucking her. When I came home from work I was feeling all mixed up and I just kept telling myself I am going to go home and clean him up and thank him for fucking her in my bed. That’s exactly what I did. I went straight to my room and he came right in to make sure I was ok and I dropped to my knees took out his cock and licked his dick and balls clean and gave him head. Then I thanked him for fucking her.

We had a lot of fun as he recounted his time with her and told me how he fucked her and where and how much he loved being inside her and feeling her, kissing her…and so on. I couldn’t sleep because I was just SO fucking horny. It’s clear he is loving this. That is both a huge turn on and a part that drives my insecurities.

Well now it’s Tuesday and guess what he was with her again…in our bed. I straightened the house for them and once again had fresh sheets on the bed and made it nice and cozy for them to fuck in. Again I am turned on by it and was hot and bothered at work. I am finding the more time he spend with her the needier I am with him. I NEED to be close to him, I NEED to feel him touching me, I NEED to hear about his time with her.

From the way things are looking this girl is VERY into him and he seems to feel the same. Unless she gets caught or does something really fucked up this could go on for quite awhile. He’s not going to be with her tomorrow but NOT by his choice, it’s because she has plans. I believe he has every intentions of fucking her Thursday and Friday though. He wants to fuck her in the ass so bad and she won’t put out there yet.

Did I mention I have not seen her nor will I anytime soon. She is smaller than me he says about 40lbs smaller…not that I’m a fat ass even thought it sounds like it when I say she’s 40lbs lighter than me. She likes him to cum on her face and I’ve never been terribly turned on by that though I certainly have let him do it many times.

So now I am officially sharing my husband with some little Mexican girl who he works with and she likes to fuck. Coincidentally so does he. He also likes the idea of fucking her in our bed and everywhere else in our home. This is going to be some roller coaster ride.

It may sound like I am not into this….if I am coming across that way I don’t mean to. I just don’t want to lie about the way I am feeling. I’m honest it feels WEIRD to have him inside another woman and to spend so much time fucking/sucking/kissing her. It’s one thing to fantasize about it and believe me we DID. Now it’s real. Now he has a girlfriend. Now he has a new body, his cock has been inside her, he likes (loves?) it. He’s having fun and he has a good chance of continuing this fun for as long as he chooses to keep this one.

Last night he wouldn’t cum for me as a matter of fact because he wanted to make sure he had a big enough load to cum on her face with. He fucked me nicely and for a long time but withheld his cum for his girl. I understood, but it was still weird. He also recorded a little bit of sound when they were fucking. I got to hear him breathing heavy and her moaning under him as he fucked her. It was HOT to hear but immediately made me feel submissive and meek.

 Well I have a lot of getting used to. Perhaps over time I will be able to control my emotions more. In the meantime I will continue to make the bed so he can fuck her there and will continue to thank him and clean him after.



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